Who will we be? Who are we? & A Will

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Welcome to the Summer-2003 Issue…
Who will we be? Who are we? & A Will
by Bircan ÜNVER

I have been pondering what has really changed in the human soul and mind since our existence! Is there really a major difference, which we can easily identify between the long Emperor/Kingdom periods, and today’s international political practices which are generally defined as “diplomacy”? Has the essential aim of gaining power, the manipulation and expansion of it, changed to any degree in favor of the whole world population? How strong or effective a role does the UN or other international NGOs play to change this pattern in favor of all people, without concern for boundaries for all nations on Earth?

If we haven’t made any progress for the greater good, for humanity’s future, to sustain a security for all people and for the Earth, then what is our place on this Earth meant to be? Just to be a constant consumer to make reach only multi-national corporations and to be used as pawn whenever it is needed???

Why are we here? Have you ever asked this question yourself?

How has this unacceptable disproportionate power and wealth distribution been going on for so long? Why can’t the majority of the people of the world obtain sufficient resources for their health, education, growth, social life and to better their living conditions?

* * *

Everything has become more manipulative than ever in all of our existence.

Under the name of “business” or “national security” or “saving marriage” or “religions” or “traditional/ moral values” or almost anything else, formulas are devised to mask pure one-sided profit. To make its appearance acceptable to the public, rules are set up, policies to shape all moral values, create double standards, and expectations of young generations… These have been set up only to serve the elite, the %1 percent of “world leading families’s power, who rules the world basically in each country so eagerly, selfishly and in such a destructive way… Just see the following annual military spending statistics on the Global and Federal level. This will clarify all mists and fogs on how our world has been ruling, what is the main agenda, what is important for the rulers, and what the policy makers really care about the most!!!

Please just compare the annual Federal and Global Military Spending budgets with health, education, hunger, innovation, science etc.:
Global Military Spending:
U.S. and Allies: ($343 billion & Allies: $205 billion=) $548 billion.
Russia: $60 billion,
China: $42 billion,
Axis of Evil: $12 billion per year.

Annual Federal Spending:
$343 billion for only Pentagon;
$39 billion: Children’s Health;
$34 billion: K-12 Education;
$6 billion: Head Start;
$2 billion: to reduce our reliance on oil;
$1 billion: World Hunger.
( Source: TrueMajority.com)

There is only one way out from this structure, which is to decrease all the existing Federal & Global Military budgets, and increase the rest against it, so that we can turn all mankind’s mind and soul towards a better future, and create a world that is a nourishing home for each of us. No one should be allowed to have power by taking it away from others and creating a one-sided power structure…

Whenever one has lifted up a layer from this centuries old and vertically thick and highly unjust masked structure, and its oligarchic as well as hierarchical system, what we see is that only CAPITAL or MONEY counts! Capital can buy everything: A President, A Trial, A Country, A War, A Nation, anything you can name… Or it can throw away leaders, governments, so on and so forth…

We should ask the following questions in order to define our reasons to be in this world and act accordingly: Who are we? What do we do? What is our goal in life? What is our mission in this life? How long will we sleep through this nationally and globally unbalanced and completely unjust power structure! How are we going to be able to change this unjust power structure to balance it in favor of all people on the Earth?

I personally declare that I do not know who am I, where I came from, what is my full capacity, or why some ideas motivate me, what I’d like to do with my life, what my goal or my mission is in this life? Or why the Great Creator bothered to take some time to send me to this planet? I am seeking some responses to these questions within Light Millennium’s abstract concept as well as within its practices…

Of course and without doubt, I know where I was born, who my mom-dad, sisters-brothers, relatives, are, where I was raised, which school I attended – graduated, where I worked etc. All that can be easily tracked down and there is no secret or a hidden agenda behind it to look at it. We are able to define or trace most things like these in our personal life.

But trying to understand and know about our existence in the line of “who are we?” and “who will we be?” These questions will help us to hold our head up and look at the Sky as well as beyond the defined borders…

Our “hobbies” or “interest areas” are the most powerful tools in terms of dealing with and getting through our day-by-day burdens, but they also help us to know our self and inner expectations much better…

This is a writing adventure… I do not know where it is going to take me or to which conclusion but I am aware of one thing from the very beginning. The general terms of “hobby” and “interest areas” or “ideas” or “dreams” or “senses” these all play a great role for the conclusion of how to find out our greater role in this world.

I can easily talk more about what I do not like in our current world and what effects me so negatively and withdraws all my hope and energy, sensing that we are a pawn for this very capital oriented system and nothing counts beside capital or the dollar!

I am trying to get more insightful experience, trying to understand better how our mind has been shaped, and what has been directly and indirectly reflected, imposed and ordained for us! I may never able to come up a solid idea on that because it is like a billion particulars, or dust, which is observed by everything around us. Thus it won’t be easy to single it out…

Perhaps some self-assessments may help us to understand “One’s-Self” and to find out an abstract response on “Who are we? If not, at least this may help us to foresee ourselves to reference, “who will we be? – question.

For self-assessments, we can list so many ordinary questions and related answers such as what we really like to do, what we don’t like to do, why’s, what are our interest areas, favorite colors, films, authors, documentaries, cities or hobbies, dreams, ideas, ideal leaders or are you happy being yourself or if not, what would be the first three things you would change in your life if you could???

Then expand all these questions to your family, neighbors, city, and country and on to the world?

Then try to find out ideas; interest areas, hobbies and dreams/ideals in your life and ideas, which do not belong to your family, education system or your circle of friends etc… Followingly, clarify and define it in yourself. Also ask yourself another question: Did that part of you become a part of your life because of necessity, pressure, workforce or living conditions or something else? Can you remember its first development in you? When did you feel at first? Now, how do you expand it to the other levels of your life?

If you can clarify these interests within your self, then you will move to another level to find out some more connections which we may never able to proof… Still it is worth it to look for an answer to these basic questions in order to understand our connection with our planet as well as with the Universe.

Since my early childhood, I have questioned everything around me and not been able to trust anyone. This wasn’t taught to me. There was one main reason that caused me to be that way for all of my childhood and youth. It was a question I did not have the courage to ask anyone within my family. We were living in Koyulhisar-Sivas. I was the oldest child of four by then. My mom was 22 years old when she had her 4th child. My dad was frequently traveling for his business. So as the oldest child of home, I had to do all the shopping for our home, even though I was 5 or not more than 6 years old.

Everyone knew my dad and me in the town. Many of the shop-owners asked me if I was the daughter of my dad’s first wife, who committed suicide in the Kelkit river in Yukarikale, and drowned. I had no idea about it.

After I graduated elementary school in Koyulhisar, my family moved to Istanbul. In later years, my mother’s youngest brother told us during a family gathering that, “when Bircan was a baby, I always took her on a tour on my shoulder in the village. Because Necla (my mom’s name) needed some help to take care of youngest brothers.

In time, I learned that when she committed suicide she had a daughter (some say two daughters and she drowned with the 2 months old one, but I’ve never been able to verify this). The store owner knew this but I did not, and he planted a question in my mind which lasted more than 10 years… How could I ask to my mom if she was my real mom or not? Or whether I was her step-daughter? How could a little girl deal with such a question and situation if nobody had ever mentioned it or prepared her for it in the family. When I was around 15 years old, I started to seek an answer to this question from distant relatives who told me that after she committed suicide, her daughter died two months later, and that family took care of the baby for those two months.

Still, somehow I needed to get an answer from my mom. At one of the family reunions in Istanbul, when I was 17, I finally put all my courage together and asked my mom my long lasting question. She then showed me her notebook, where she had written the birth-dates when each of her children was born. Following mine, there were 6 more birth-dates and all were in my mom’s handwriting. After seeing my mom’s note-book, I finally was completely relieved from that question…

Based on this very personal experience, there is no proof able measure or fact that to find out how one question can effect or change’s one child’s growth and her struggles to figure out the truth.

With this in mind, I realize more and more that, one simple question or an honest suggestion or a positive critique or not-so-positive critique can affect us more greatly then we can imagine… Therefore, I assume that everyone may have something very personal in their life which may have affected and formed their soul and mind as well as the way they look at the world. Searching for what affected us while we were growing up or what may have irritated our personalities may be one way to go in terms of coming face to face within oneself. Once you are transparent within self, then you can clarify things around you better and be the director of your life despite whatever difficulties may be surrounding you…

Since Light Millennium was born, I determined to direct these questions to myself, “WHO ARE WE?” and “WHO WILL WE BE”, as well as to all from the Light Millennium’s homepage. I am aware that there is not one response or that there may not be a definite response whatsoever. Still we need to expand this conciseness in order to foresee and understand beyond the boundaries and reach a better understanding of ourselves as well as of our universe.

More strongly than ever, my senses advise me that we do not belong only to one nation or culture but to this universe and furthermore no one belongs to only one planet. There should be life on other planets and our quest and aim should be to meet other existences in this universe… This idea leads me to a new question, which is: When will we meet with other existences? Where? How long will it take?

If there are frequently or from time to time visits to Earth by other existences, then when will this information be declared to the public?

When will our education process begin to prepare and adjust all people for these possibilities?

We, all people are ONE. All existing religions’ essences are in one way or another a way to serve ONE GREATER GOOD and ONLY when you put all slices together, which then combines and conveys all to ONE ESSENCE, which helps us to understand better, WHO ARE WE? WHY ARE WE HERE? WHAT IS OUR MISSION? And, WHO WILL WE BE?

There is another question, which is hanging in my mind: WHY HAS OUR EARTH BEEN OVERTAKEN BY EVILS FOR SO LONG? Or WHEN WILL WE ABLE TAKE IT BACK FROM THE EVILS? What has been happening since the beginning of our existence, and for most of the 20th Century as well as the beginning of the 21st Century, are all clear proof that our World has been taken by Evils for too long.

There are so many other channels and ideas which have been emerging and creating an alternative common consciousness, energy and concept towards the same idea: WE ARE ALL ONE and WE BELONG NOT ONLY TO THIS PLANET BUT TO THIS UNIVERSE…

A Will

As a conclusion, I strongly sense and feel that, there are other and much stronger forces within the self than family or formal education, or other types of manipulations.

Putting to the front my inner sense helps me to serve my soul and recover it from all possible damage that enables me reach out more and connect in this purpose during my stay on this planet.

Furthermore, I imagine myself, who will I be or how will I like to live in a future life in any planet in the universe, which may be a couple hundred or thousands of years ahead of our time…

Thinking in this way is more satisfactory than anything else. Thus I will continue to seek possible answers to all the above questions as well as to continue for the realization of the Light Millennium’s mission and expanding its concept until the end of my life.

In my life time, if I am able to elevate the Light Millennium to a higher dimension and make it effective worldwide as ONE VOICE OF ALL PEOPLE and A GLOBAL ORCHESTRA, then I also aim to activate another global project which will be a direct investment for future generations and global peace in real, concrete action, world-wide. The premise of the next project is to open a global foster house and school ONLY FOR POOR CHILDREN from 3 years old until their graduation from college or university, which will be on 6 continents and within a multi-language education system.

Furthermore during this process and after I have gone, I hope that my children, circle of LM global friends and all who have peace within themselves, will continue to contribute to towards LM’s mission, to create both a global positive and effective energy as ONE-SOUL AND VOICE for better tomorrows, as well as to invest in real world solutions for global peace by maintaining and providing global foster houses and schools for poor children in 6 continents.

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© Bircan Ünver, The Light Millennium, July 5, 2003, New York