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Please Support Us through your DONATION via Zelle

Thank You to ALL the Donors via "Donate Zelle" of the Light Millennium Global in January 2024. #LMGlobalOrg #LightMillennium #Donations #ThankYou

THANK YOU for the January 2024 Received DONATIONS via Zelle

Thank you to ALL for your donations #ViaZelle to the #LMGlobalOrg #lightmillennium throughout 2023.

THANK YOU for the 2023 Received DONATIONS via Zelle

Take advantage through one of our below described appreciation categories:

The Light Millennium, Inc. Charitable Global Human Advancement Organization (LMGlobal.Org) with the status #501(c)3 is a tax-exempt organization. Formed based in New York in 2001.

Please make your donation via Zelle.

• To become aGlobal Online Member“, monthly $1 & x12 (annual): $12.

• To be listed under SPONSORs/”Friendson an annual ground $25.-

• To be listed under SPONSORs/”Good Causeon an annual ground: $50.-

• To be listed your name+with your company’s logo under SPONSORs page on an annual ground: $100.-

• Toward IT Support on an annual ground: $250.-

• Toward Public Programs and Outreach-Printing Material support on an annual ground: $500.-

• Toward Media Support on an annual ground: $750.-
#LightMillenniumTV programs on through local cable channels and online.

Core Sponsor with the full name and company logo on an annual ground: $1000.-

Silver Sponsor on an annual ground $2000.-

Golden Sponsor an annual ground $3000.-

Or, you may email your check payable to:
The Light Millennium, Inc.
87-82 115th Street
Richmond Hill, NY, 11418, USA

For your inquiry, please email to: CONTACT(at)LIGHTMILLENNIUM.ORG

Thank You. | (1999 initial website)