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Disclosure of The Light Millennium

Charitable Global Human Advancement Organization

Status: Tax-exempt #501-c-3 


1. Prior your submission; please read & accept the Organization’s Publishing Policy, and submit your contribution via the SUBMIT NOW Form.


2. Contributers are solely responsible for the content of their own works.


3. Once ideas/manuscripts have been submitted and have appeared on the organization’s web site/s, these ideas/manuscripts CANNOT BE REMOVED from the organization’s Web site/s AT ANY TIME. The LM has aimed to create an “archive of our time”.


4. Changes or corrections could be requested ONLY within the first 3 months follow by the very first appearance of a piece on the Organization’s web site(s).

5. After the first 3 months, please do not request any correction or change on an already e-published piece or an announced issue. 


6. From the inception of The Light Millennium until the present, all submitted ideas and written works have been presented on the Web, including the Introductory Issue.
These are all available through the Organization’s Web ARCHIVE.


7. The LM and its President and Representatives’ credentials are updated based on the United Nations Department of Global Communications’ new Policy effective  on since January 2019. The organization complies and will be complying with it in fully. However, the Organization won’t be able working backwards in order to make any changes based on the new UN-DGC-CSO Policy through out its websites and prior printed documents.


8. The Light Millennium has “Amended & Broadened” its 2001 Certificate of Incorporation along with By-Laws effective on December 17, 2019. Currently, the Organization is working towards it Annual and New Term Board of Elections based on the above referred 2019 legal documents, which is scheduled on January 29, 2021. Prospect Nominee Form is available via the following link (Deadline: September 29, 2020).

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For your question or inquiry, please CONTACT with us via the below Form. Thank You.


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